A Proper Registered Trademark Search Can Give You the Exclusive Rights to Use a Trademark

A trademark allows you to have exclusive use of a mark, a name, a symbol or another thing that makes your product or service easily identifiable by prospective customers or others interested in them. Trademarks can be registered, which then gives you a legal right to the trademark and prevents others from imitating it or copying it even in an insignificant element of your trademark.

Apply To Trademark Authorities

You can apply to trademark authorities for the registration of a trademark at any time, but you will do well to see that your trademark does not impinge on any other already registered and valid trademarks, as this can then lead to the rejection of your application. A registered trademark search helps to reveal business name search platform that shows all similar marks that are associated with goods and services that are similar to your own. This search can be conducted on your own, or by appointing professionals for the purpose.

Make An Initial Search

In a trademark search, a preliminary search is made for marks that can be identical. In this initial search, a determination is made of whether the trademark that you want is available. It gives you marks that have some identity to your own and you need to judge the extent of similarity that can ultimately lead to your registration being refused.

This is then followed by a comprehensive search for marks that are identical or similar. A trademark database that lists all details of currently registered trademarks can then be referred to. This database gives you the owners of the trademark, the status of the mark, and all the services and goods that will be listed on that mark. In a comprehensive search, you can find marks that are identical to the mark you are attempting to register, and also all those that have a single similar element, which could result in your registration being refused.

Registered Database

There are certain trademarks that are not included in registered databases but can be seen on the internet, in phone or trade directories, state registers and in other market documents. If any of these are similar to the names, marks or other identifying ways through which you want to define your own products or services, they can cause you problems in the long run if it can be proved that they have been in longer use earlier. As per common law rights, the first person to use any mark has the first right to that mark.


Get the proper guidance of a trademark attorney so that you can have your trademark legally approved for your exclusive use.

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