Best Tips On Getting A Perfect Shave With The Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer

A lot of men have sensitive skin around their mouth area where shaving with a razor can be irritating and cause razor burn. For this reason, many men have switched to using a beard trimmer since it almost completely eliminates the irritation and is far easier to get the exact look that you desire. With a good beard trimmer, you can shape the hair of your beard very carefully, leaving it just the right length in all the right places to get exactly what you, or your girlfriend, prefer the most. Here are some great tips on how to get a good trim using the Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer.

Start With A 6 Week Beard Growth

If you’re starting from a clean shaven face, it will take most men about 6 weeks to get enough of a beard to start with a trimmer. Some people grow faster and others slower, so be patient. The beard trimmer will help you sculpt your beard just the way you want it down to the finest detail. Stay with the high quality trimmers, like the Philips Vacuum beard trimmer, to get the best results. Cheaper machines won’t cut as well, won’t have sufficient power, and will dull rapidly. You’ll also find that some of the cheaper trimmers won’t have new parts available for when they do get dull, so your money is wasted quickly.

Thoroughly wash and dry your beard before you get started using a good hair shampoo. The reason you’ll always want to do this is to get the dead skin cells washed out, extra oil too, and make sure that the beard isn’t tied up in knots. You’ll notice that trimming a dirty beard is much harder and the blades get jammed more often than a clean beard. Dry completely with a fresh towel before getting started.

Clean The Neckline First And Work Your Way Up

Most nicely trimmed beard cuts won’t include having hair on the neck, so start by trimming that area short. When you get to the part of your face where you want there to be beard, wait on that until you have the neck clean. Go right up to the edge and make a nice clean line there.

Run a line up your cheeks but step back and check your progress every few strokes so you don’t go too far on your first try. Once you have your regular line established, it will be easier to maintain the same cut each time. Most likely, you have a certain look that you’ve seen before that you like. If you have a picture, it would be a good idea to hang it by the mirror so you can examine it more carefully now that you’re trying to duplicate it.

Once The Outline Is Defined Cut The Length

Different looks have different lengths in different parts. You’ll have to look closely at the photo you have to determine what looks best and what fits your face and hair. Start with an attachment that makes a uniform length and then get one that cuts shorter around your outlined edge. Go slow, step back and check, then do a little bit more.

Now that you’ve got the hang of it, it will go much faster the next time and every time thereafter. You’ll refine the look as you get suggestions from friends and as you look in the mirror to compare. The great thing about the Philips Vacuum beard trimmers is that they suck up all of the tiny cut hairs as you shave. These small, sharp pieces of hair can stick in your shirt and irritate you all day long, or clog up the drain. Now you can just shake them out into the garbage when you’re done.

It can’t be stressed hard enough about how important it is to use a quality trimmer, like the Philips Norelco brand, to get the best results, long razor head life, and even longer motor life as well. The cheap brands are made to be thrown away every few months and the good brands last for decades. To know more contact us or visit the website at

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