Dayton, Ohio: The Spot For Reasonable Real Estate

Real estate prices are a growing concern among people across the nation. Whether in the heartland, along the coasts, or somewhere blissfully in between, it is absolutely no secret that home prices in the United States are soaring. Many are turning to underestimated, under-appreciated states like Ohio in search of a beautiful home to call their own, and it is no wonder why. This article focuses on a hidden gem in Ohio properties: Dayton, the sixth largest city in Ohio and a mecca of affordable real estate.

Dayton Ohio Homes

A Convenient Location with Affordable Homes

Median Dayton Ohio Homes range around $55,000. While Dayton is still considered a buyer’s market, home values are increasing steadily. Currently, it’s an excellent time to invest in a growing city, especially when considering the median list price per square foot. In Dayton’s metro areas, the average per square foot is approximately $88, while Dayton proper is all of $43. That’s just slightly half of the metro prices, which can make an astonishing difference for home-seekers who are just starting out, or looking to grow a family. Dayton is conveniently located, and has ample schools with excellent reviews and rigorous academics.

Full of Amenities

Being a city, Dayton also has considerable opportunities for younger people and single individuals. The nightlife in Dayton is impressive in scope, and has something for everybody. There are visual arts galleries and other creative ventures for people seeking a spark. The reasonable real estate also translates to reasonable pricing in everything from groceries to cocktails, and makes Dayton an up-and-coming destination. When it comes to Ohio real estate, Dayton is an up-and-coming destination, and is quite frankly already the place to be for the savvy consumer. Consider Dayton as a possible destination for the next chapter in life — it truly is an American dream come to life!

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