Tips for Setting Up a US Company as a Non-Resident

There are many reasons that someone would want to to set up a US company as a non-resident, including ease of trade, and taxation.

Setting Up a US Company as a Non-Resident

Non-residents do face several challenges like how to incorporate a business ? Such as obtaining a visa, complying with international tax regulations, and getting a US bank account. Those things can all be worked around, however. To figure out what you need, you should first think about where the company will be doing business, and where you want to be incorporated. This will determine process that you need to follow. If you need staff, then you need to think about where they will come from, and what access you would need to the US markets. In some cases, the work is done remotely, and the company exists purely for tax purposes.

In other cases, the business will have a US arm, and there will be need for visas, potentially licenses, and support for trading in the USA.

Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business

Once you have decided what you need, you will be ready to form a company. This means you will need to decide who your shareholders, directors and officers are – and what the roles and responsibilities of those parties will be .You will need to register the company in the appropriate state, and obtain an Employer Identification Number.

US Company as a Non-Resident

With that, you can then open a bank account, and start trading. You will then have to deal with tax laws in your company’s home state, and also in your home country. This is where a lot of company directors fall down – underestimating the complexities of international tax. Don’t just assume that you will be able to run an international company without difficulties and save on tax – the law is far more complex than you might think. You can contact us to get more information on setting a company.

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