TREC And Real Estate Basics

A Texas Real Estate Commission began in 1949 as a means to safeguard any consumer in regards to a real estate transaction. The Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board shares resources and staff members with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Together these 2 entities provide oversight in regards to real property appraisals, real estate brokerage, home inspections, home warranties, timeshare agreements, and all right-of-way services.

TREC Services

The Texas Real Estate Commission is an agency that provides education, licensing, and complaint investigation services. They also enforce and regulate any federal or state laws that govern these type of services for the many consumers in the state of Texas. The different agencies that work with TREC include the Administration and Management Services, the Reception and Communication Services, the Education and Licensing Services, the TREC Standards and Enforcement Services, the Staff and Support Services, and the Information and Technology Services.

Information and Technology Services

The Information and Technology Services,for example, maintain and develop develop technical infrastructure that is required for the agency’s business requirements. This will include technical support, application development, network management, website services, and records management. This department and the team of members will follow all of the various strict standards that have been adopted by the Texas Department of Information Resources.

Information and Technology Services

The TREC Standards and Enforcement Services is a disciplinary enforcement and complaint investigation program. The team members of this service group carry out any of the commissions requirements to protect a consumer by enforcing the various rules of the Real Estate License Act or the Chapter 1102 of the Texas Code of Occupations.

The staff is also responsible for reviewing applications and implementing standards for licensing determinations such as integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. All of these programs work together to make a real estate purchase in state of Texas fair and honest.

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