What Is The Easiest Way To Divorce Someone?

The easiest way to divorce someone is through an uncontested divorce. In essence, what that means is that both parties not only agree to the divorce itself but also agree to the terms of the divorce. When you and your spouse are in agreement in regards to some of the major issues that usually arise during a divorce, the process can proceed much more quickly.

Child Custody Issues

For instance, child custody issues are one of the main sticking points for most divorces. If you and your partner can come up with a child custody arrangement that you both agree on before the divorce, however, this can remove a major hurdle, helping to speed up the process.

The division of property is another area where you can save time on your divorce. Again, if you can sit down with your spouse and decide how to divide your property ahead of time in a way that both of you agree with, there will be far fewer challenges during the divorce process, helping it go as quickly as possible.

Most couples own a lot of property jointly, ranging from large items like houses and vehicles to smaller items like furniture. Reaching an agreement on how this property should be split up before filing for a divorce can make things go much more smoothly.

Health Insurance

Other issues that should be addressed ahead of time include spousal support, child support, the division of debt, and any issues involving life insurance or health insurance.

Uncontested divorces are not only faster than most divorces – they are also cheaper. By dramatically cutting the amount of time required for the divorce, you can save a fortune on legal fees. After all, most divorce lawyers charge by the hour. By making their job as fast and efficient as possible, you can reduce the number of hours that they work, cutting your legal fees in the process.

These types of divorces are also usually much less stressful than uncontested divorces. By eliminating any disagreements over issues like child custody or the division of property, they help remove a lot of the contention that usually goes along with a divorce.

Another way to get through a divorce quickly is by filing for a no-fault divorce. In states where this option is available, you don’t have to be legally separated before going through a divorce. You also don’t have to waste time trying to prove the grounds for divorce. In essence, all that you have to do is let the court know that you and your spouse are incompatible or that you have irreconcilable differences.

The easiest way to divorce someone is by opting for an uncontested divorce. You can also look into filing for a no-fault divorce if you live in a state where this option is available.

Whichever option you choose, you should still hire a lawyer to help you through the process. Although the legal fees can add up, with an uncontested divorce, they are far lower than with a contested divorce.  Visit Us to know on divorce attorney.

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